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Users of the services provided by ACLAM (which is owned by CAN CINEMATIKS SL, has its registered address at Av. Roma 101 PSA, 08029 Barcelona, and is registered in Barcelona Companies Register (on page B569219 of Folio 58 in Volume 48006) under the Tax Identification Code (CIF) B16899171) are required to read the Contracting Conditions, as their use of the services provided by ACLAM implies acceptance of the current version of the Contracting Conditions as published on the website
ACLAM reserves the right to modify the Contracting Conditions and the Privacy Policy without notice. The current version of both documents shall always be made available on the website.

The prices described on the website are in euros and do not include VAT. All rates include the insurance price (with a franchise of 300€) but do not include shipping. Prices are valid except for typographical or printing errors. The catalogs, tariffs and other informative texts used by ACLAM are only an indication of the amount and gamma of the products offered and, consequently, no amount, description or characteristic will be considered obligatory by ACLAM.


The realization of a budget (either one or requested to our staff by email) will not in any case mean the reservation of the material if not specified by ACLAM and is accepted by the client in writing. Quotes have a validity period of 15 days from the date of issue.

If the leased material is to be used outside the State, it must be specified in the document inside the observations section. The insurance amount may not be included outside the national territory.

In order to request a reservation, it is necessary to be registered in the ACLAM database or be a web user as well. This means reading and accepting the privacy policy and the contracting conditions present on the website.

To request a reservation the client must send the budget (this also means the acceptance of the budget), specifying the rental dates so that ACLAM team will be able to check availability of the material. Once checked, the client will receive a reservation form with the deposit to be collected and returning timings. For a reservation to be valid, the user must respond to this email with the acceptance of such reservation.

Once the reservation is accepted by both parties, the lessee can make the necessary modifications or cancel it up to 24 hours before the start of the rental by writing to without any prejudice to the lessee. After 24 hours, ACLAM can claim the price of the first day of rent and up to 50% of the total price for damages that this may have caused.

2.3. PICK UP
The material will be collected at our headquarters in Consell de Cent 205, groundfloor, 08011 Barcelona within the collection time (if not otherwise agreed in writing). At the time of collection (specified in the reservation), you must identify yourself with a valid ID of passport and make the payment of the rent and the bond previously agreed upon. All payments will be made with a bank card or, only in particular cases previously agreed upon, these payments may be made in cash.

If the material is collected by a person not specified in the reservation, the lessee must inform ACLAM by e-mail. Likewise, this person must identify himself when picking up material.

The material is checked and updated by our team and the lessee certifies it with the signature of the contract attached to the delivery note. At the time of delivery, the tenant will be allowed to verify such status. It is the responsibility of the tenant not to make this check given the moment.

No claim will be accepted after the departure of the material from our facilities, once signed the delivery note and corresponding contract. ACLAM is not responsible for any incidences that may affect the outcome of the final work.

Shipping charges are not included in the material fees. To request a shipping, please consult the specific conditions by sending an email to

If the material is shipped, the rent and the security deposit will be paid by bank transfer (cash will not be accepted) with a sufficient number of days (before the collection of the material) so that ACLAM can verify such transfer.

Once the material has been delivered by the transport company, it must be checked by the lessee during the first hour after the delivery time (time specified in the delivery note of the transport company).

The return of the material will be done in the schedule agreed in the delivery note. ACLAM reserves the right to charge up to one more day of rent in case the material is returned after the agreed time. The renter will pay the compensation (damages to third parties, other customers, etc. and possible loss of profits) if the equipment is not returned on the agreed day.

The HIRER undertakes to deliver the equipment in the same condition as it was collected. Otherwise, the company may pass on the cleaning costs incurred.

At the time of the return, the deposit will be returned to 100% provided that all the material described in the corresponding delivery note is in perfect conditions. CAN CINEMATIKS SL reserves the right to make the return of the deposit until the 24 working hours after the return of the material.

Once ACLAM has made the return of the deposit, this can take between 1 and 10 days to be returned by the bank, so ACLAM is exempt from all liability.

The HIRER must be held liable for all occurrences or accidents that may affect the equipment, accessories or consumables and pay for any ensuing costs their RETURN.


To make a reservation of any of the spaces owned by CAN CINEMATIKS SL request must be sent in writing to and this must be confirmed by ACLAM by the same means.

The material included in the rent will be specified by email from the ACLAM team to the tenant. The material rented separately will have a 25% discount on the rate indicated on the website. In no case will technical assistance be included by the staff of ACLAM.

Electricity or water consumption may be charged separately.

It is necessary to make the effective payment of the rent before accessing to the rented spaces or, if it has been previously agreed in writing, leave a credit card as a deposit or provide such data as a guarantee of payment.

At the time of entry to the spaces (times and dates provided in the reservation), the tenant can check the status of the place. Any problem or defect must be announced to the ACLAM team up to one hour after entering the space. After that time, any damage caused to the premises will be the responsibility of the lessee.

The rent includes the use of the spaces in the set and others like kitchen, bath or dressing rooms.

It is forbidden to smoke in all spaces or to use any item that may cause smoke inside the premises, provided it is not previously agreed upon. In case of the use of cyclorama, it will be necessary to always use protection (facilitated by ACLAM) to be able to tread such described area. This area and the cyclorama curve are excluded from the insurance, so any damage caused may include the economic penalty for the entire repair.

The spaces are intended for photographic or video uses and in no case may be used for other activities without prior agreement.

Any damage caused to the spaces or elements contained in it during the rental of the installation, will be the responsibility of the tenant.

Once the rental period specified in the reservation has ended, all the time that passes from that time will be charged as overtime.

Once abandoned the ACLAM rented premises, ACLAM reserves 24 hours after the departure time to verify the spaces and materials rented and, if everything is in the same conditions in which it was delivered, the return of the deposit and charge of the total amount of the rent will be done.

Only in cases of damage, breakdown or theft, our insurance covers the risk of the rented equipment described in each delivery note with a franchise of 300€ per contract. In its case, the lesseee has the obligation to provide all the necessary documentation to prove the facts. This franchise will be covered, in any case, by the lessee.

This insurance is included in our rates as long as the material is used within national territory.

ACLAM is the absolute owner of all rented equipment and installation. It is not allowed to pawn them, to assign the property as security, to sell them, to transmit them, to sublet them or to pledge them or any other act of disposition.

ACLAM declines any liability in accidents or damages that may be caused to third parties as a result of the use of the material or facilities rented, whatever the causes.

ACLAM will try to replace any material that has to be delivered and is not in perfect condition, even so, ACLAM is not responsible for the damages that this may cause the customer.

Any request for a lease can be cancelled if it is made at least 24 hours before the start date. The communication will have to be made in writing (sending an email to

In the event that the lessee breaches the notice period previously stablished, it will be obliged to pay up to 50% of the value contracted as a compensation for cancellation or rescheduling. In the event that amounts have been delivered to account, the lessee expressly authorizes the lessor to deduct from them the compensation for cancellation or rescheduling.