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2020: The Alexa Mini still reigns

2020: The Alexa Mini still reigns

2020: The Alexa Mini still reigns

We've entered the new decade and it seems that the Alexa Mini is still the most versatile digital film camera in the Alexa range. The quality/price ratio makes it the most loved camera in all types of film productions.

Technical features: 

- Arri ALEV III CMOS 35mm format.

- 4:3 and ARRIRAW.

- 4K UHD images, anamorphic and full sensor images.

- Dynamic range of 14+ stops.

- Carbon body.

- Compact and lightweight.

- PL or EF mount. 

According to the publication Y.M.CINEMA MAGAZINE, the Alexa Mini has been the most used camera in the films that have been released in the Sundance Festival 2020 compared to other models such as the Sony Venice or the Red Helium. This study, carried out by the publication Indie Wire, only includes a small part of the festival's categories: 

1. U.S. Dramatic Competition.

2. Premieres.

3. Midnight.

4. NEXT.

5. World Dramatic Competition.

However, in the documentary categories, the inclination has been towards cameras such as the C300 Mark II, the Blackmagic Ursa, etc.

The choice of camera is one of the most important aspects of any audiovisual project. That's why at Aclam we offer you several Digital Cinema Kits to rent which you can combine with the Alexa Mini and optics such as the Cooke Speed Panchro, Zeiss Super Speed Mk III T1.3 or the anamorphic Atlas Orion. Different options for different projects, looks and budgets.