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Cameras are made for Summer - Part 1

Cameras are made for Summer - Part 1
What do you need for an outdoors shooting.

It’s summertime, and with it comes the good weather and many hours in the sun. It's time to go out to the street (or the countryside) and start the engines of our video or photo camera. Whether it's because your excess of free-time, the need to get out the heat gives to you or simply because you like to enjoy the summer breeze, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to shoot that short film stored in a dusty drawer or to photograph the urban and natural landscapes. That is why at Aclam, taking advantage that we will be closed 13-19 August, you can rent equipment for the whole week at a 50% discount. But before you take the camera bag and walk through the door, you have to be very prepared.

The first thing is to know where we're going and if we have permission to take the camera out. One of the most important steps, especially in any film shoot or large photo shoot, is to have a permit to use the public space. Most cities and towns in Catalunya have a standard permit to plant a tripod on the public space during working hours (8am to 10pm, usually) for 10 people tops. Whenever we go beyond these minimums, we must contact the local film commission to obtain the necessary permits. Even so, when working outdoors, it is best to work with the minimum team. If someone is not needed at a location, call them only where and when they are needed.

Wherever we go, we must be prepared so we won’t find any surprises. The whole team needs to know how to get there, whether by private car, shared car, taxi or public transport. The fastest way from point A to B is not for them to decide, it's for you to know. It is important that everyone who comes by private car has a parking space nearby, but the closest place save it for the vehicle with photo and/or art equipment (Alert! Always have one or two people with your own or rented equipment, it’s very common to find thieves in daylight). In addition, in each location we have to place the nearest services on the map: hospitals, supermarkets, hardware shops and dollar stores. No wonder that in the middle of your shooting you need some of these services. The best way to summarize all this information is in a shooting order.

Finally, before you leave, the most common thing to do when you're outdoors is to find yourself out of batteries. You have to rely on electricity as little as possible, so you have to be prepared with fully charged batteries, portable chargers or generators. If necessary, rent extra batteries so you don't have to charge any. And don't forget to be loaded with as much water and food as possible to get through the day, we don't want to end up with anyone dehydrated or with a sugar drop.


Once everything is ready, now we load all the equipment, we label everything to help us differentiate which equipment is ours and which is rented and up and running. In the blog’s next post, we will go into the needs we may have in the middle of a shooting outdoors. Don’t miss part two!